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ASG provides expert counselling advisory services that allow students make better choices in term of the right institution for the right courses, budget and location. Our counsellors are knowledgeable with professional experience in guiding students to make positive differences in attaining success.


At ASG we focus on activities that would provide student with information about studying abroad. These are in the form of exhibitions, bulk emailing and SMS, presentations and seminars in various form, by so doing, our students will be aware of different packages and offers from partner institutions such as scholarships opportunity, internships, and other benefits.
We also provide credible and reliable strategic plan to our partner institutions to enable them penetrate the Nigerian market for example, information may include marketing strategies, Government funded scholarships, our local institution activities and programmes to attend, and lots more.


We adhere strictly to maximum professionalism that guarantees 99% visa success, we understand immigration policies of our partners destinations. Obtaining a student visa can be a big challenge on the part of the student and a huge disappointment on the part of the university when students did not make it to the university. We are here to make sure that the hard work of the university and the students at issuing and getting an offer do not come to nothing.

ASG handles visa matters step-by-step adherence to the rules so that every of our visa application gets the highest chances of eligibility to study abroad.


We connect you to the world’s best universities

Be designed and classified scientifically, courses are suitable for every level, ensuring to maximize student’s capacity. You will find out many interesting things inside. Let’s discover right now!


We assist students to apply for accommodation and guiding through payment process and procedures making them understand accommodation terms and conditions.


Our counsellors advise students on documents to travel with and the need to arrive the airport on time. We also emphasise strong respect for the culture and laws of the host country and warn seriously against plagiarism, which is a major reason why some students do not excel in international studies.


• Placement services and internship during and after studies
• How to write a good personal statement
• English language test registration
• Currency exchange rate calculation
• Work and study abroad
• Hotel reservations for student visitors
• Flight bookings discount rate for our prospect clients